Sign upfor VaxPRO and get a “REAL” IP PBX business system and all the features you need to run you business


  • Five phone lines and one phone number
  • Features include IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail to Email, Call Forward, Transfer Calls, Music on hold, Do Not Disturb, Follow Me … and a lot more.
  • Low international rates to the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and South America
  • Great competitive rates to countries such as India and the Philippines
  • Unlimited long-distance calling to Canada and USA

PBX Features

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
An indispensable business tool that can replace a secretary or even substantially reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Call Transfers
Calls can be transferred between system extensions or even to public phone numbers.
The voicemail answers your calls when you are away. Recorded messages can be listened while out of office and can be sent by email.
Follow Me
The extension owner’s mobile phone, home phone and office phone can ring in the same time when the main extension is called. The caller is connected with the phone that first answers.
Call Forward
Don’t miss important calls. Forward call to another extension or your mobile phone.
Music on hold
An excellent feature that allows you to replace dead air with melodic music or important information.
Do Not Disturb
When you are busy, make sure that nobody can disturb. This feature can be activated and deactivated from the phone terminal.
Authorization to Reach Extension
This feature ensures privacy by requesting the caller to provide a password in order to contact the desired extension.